The Transgender Show is about finding strength and community in shared stories about the emotions, struggles, and triumphs we experience on our journey to self discovery and acceptance. Each week, our host Emily interviews another person from the transgender or non-binary community, a spouse, or an ally. Through sharing their stories, the hope is to show our young, closeted, or struggling friends in and around the trans community that they are not alone. This site aims to expand on the wonderful stories and content from the weekly show to give you more information and resources.

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Bailey Sargeant


The wife of trans-community rock star VictoriaMaximus, Bailey is an animal activist with a YouTube channel who loves hiking, yoga, video games, rescuing stray kittens (up to 24 so far!), and cuddling her own cats.

Instagram: @BaileySargeant

Instagram: @BaileySargeant

TikTok: @BaileyRSargeant

YouTube: Bailey's take on Tiger King

Mila C


Mila is a 27 years young artist from Montréal Canada, She paints, draws, sculpts, and even composes poetry from time to time. She studied hairdressing but is working on her art full time at the moment. She was the face of a campaign against transphobia in Quebec in December 2019, starring in a commercial with her parents. She started hrt 3 years ago and is excited to be getting bottom surgery very soon.

Instagram: @MilaBananaz

Finding Nia


As an mother of 5, the Director of HR for a mid-sized educational organization, and avid fan of The Office, there is no shortage of humor in my life. I love to laugh at life, and sometimes it seems like it's a required skill as a transgender woman.

I recently started Love in the Face ( as love letter to the transgender community from me and my wife Katie. We aim to provide support through free mentoring for transgender individuals, families, allies, and their faith and work communities as they navigate the process of discovery, coming-out, and finding solid footing in their identities. We believe marking transition is important and support transgender individuals by providing free Name Claiming, Marriage, Coming-out, and Release ceremonies. We also provide consulting services for organizations and churches seeking to provide a safe, inclusive, affirming environment for their members, staff or constituents.

I’ve also recently written a book (now on Kickstarter at of how I came to find myself. It’s a story for everyone who has conformed to the expectations of those around them, losing themselves in the process, and I hope people who read it hear “you belong.” I partnered with an artist in Venezuela, Lluvia Vilandia (@lluviavelandia on Instagram), who is creating a series of illustrations. Each illustration is her interpretation of the scenes and the finished book should be approximately 100 pages in length, with 51 illustrations. The Kickstarter is live through Thursday, October 22nd at 2pm CST.

Instagram: @Finding.Nia

Kickstarter for her book: Story of Nib

Love in the Face

Website: Love in the Face

Instagram: @loveintheface

Rachel Maes

Instagram: @MaesforJudge

Campaign website:

Facebook page: Maes for Judge


Instagram: @Embracing_Tiffany


Instagram: @SuddenlySamantha

Twitter: @SuddnlySamantha

Trans IRL show on Facebook: Trans IRL

Trans IRL show on YouTube: Trans IRL

Jennell Jaquays

Twitter: @JennellAllyn

Facebook: Dragongirl Studios

DnD Adventures Kickstarter: Judges Guild

DnD Adventures at Drive-Thru RPG Fifth Wall Games & Miniatures

Transgender Statistics

More than half of transgender and nonbinary youth report having seriously considered suicide - Source: The Trevor Project's 2020 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health

Transgender Resources

Love in the Face: Mentoring, counseling, and many great resources for the trans community

The 519: LGBT services in the Toronto area